Integrated Thinking. Connected Concepts.

Cockpitsonic is well positioned to act as your advisor, solution designer and engineering services partner of choice, applying all its networked specialist knowledge and competence into the full range of simulation and training applications:

– Virtual Simulation (Flight & Driving Simulation)
– Constructive Simulation (Command & Staff Training)
– Live Simulation (Instrumented Real Equipment)
– Networked / Hybrid Training Environments
– E-Learning (CBT, WBT and IPT)
– Virtual-/Augmented- and Mixed-Reality
– Training Center Development & Operations

Cockpitsonic will support you during the planning, design and implementation phase of your training solution. Additionally, we ease your life in day-to-day operation of all your training facilities and curricula and in every aspect related to life-cycle-management.

Our focus will be on your concrete use-cases and business success: our services are relevant to you, meet your needs, provide an objective and sustainable value and will allow you to concentrate on your own core mandates.

Understanding. Developing. Instructing.

Cockpitsonic supports the design and implementation of simulation-based training with the following range of professional services:
– Design and specification of training solution and services
– Integration and qualification support
– Drafting of operational concepts and Business Plans
– Development and Implementation of life-cycle-management concepts
– Obsolescence management and modernization
– Integrated business modelling and financing
– Provisioning of training services / training support services

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