Since 2001, we have built and delivered 150+ simulators to 30+ countries. Discover why our customers & partners choose the Cockpitsonic Solutions.

Our Story

The simulator builder

Cockpitsonic was founded in the year 2000 and since then is dedicated to flight simulation.

Our aim has always been to achieve a maximum of realism by using the most modern technology – it was Cockpitsonic that made USB popular in this branch, we came up with the first mechanics (gear lever) and have never stopped innovating since.

The most popular product has always been the Cockpitsonic Overhead panel fully interfaced, as well as our capacity to provide single pieces or complete turnkey solutions anywhere on the globe.

The aim of Cockpitsonic was and still is to make flight simulation available to a wide range of customers. The quality of our products has a level that allows the airline industry to use our products for training purposes – nevertheless, Cockpitsonic keeps up a product range dedicated to the enthusiast as well.

“CockpitSonic has designed and manufactured for over 20 years, very cost effective turn key flight simulator solutions for aviation training and public entertainment.

Our team of hardware and software engineers as well as airline pilots are experts in making high quality elements needed to produce the most cost effective FSTD on the market. Our trainers require minimal maintenance and have a very high reliability.

We continually strive to enhance the quality of flight simulators training devices (FSTDs) by providing an optimal simulation experience always under the aspect of effective relation between costs and profit.

Our customers should expect the maximum possible Return on Investment on their purchase and the best support from us.

By ensuring a thorough understanding of each customer’s operational and financial imperatives, Cockpitsonic Solutions has acquired an extensive experience in developing innovative solutions for such each customer.”

Mathias Roehr
Managing Director


In the Spotlight

Cockpitsonic in a few numbers

It’s hard to summarize over 20 years of experience in a few numbers, but they do say a lot about our products.

Active Simulators


Support Team members

Simulator hours flown


What We Offer

24/7 Simulator reliability

We know how much you need your simulators to work. We make them right, so they work and let you grow your business and satisfy your training needs.


We are a team of passionate #avgeeks, pilots, engineers & technicians, that focus on delivering aviation standard quality to our customers.

Top reviews

Our customers are our best ambassadors. From flight schools to simulation centers or privately operated simulators, our customers will explain why they would choose our simulators all over again.

Continuous improvement

Through hardware and software updates, we are constantly getting closer to the actual aircraft. With feedback from thousands of pilots, customers & suppliers, we were able to develop the most realistic simulator in the industry.


From the initial discussions to continuous training, our service team will be available to make sure you make the most of your simulator. The delivery & installation is just the beginning of our collaboration.

Don't stay stuck

Need some help? Lost in the updates? A customer broke a part? Don’t worry our team will support you 7 days a week in providing helpful advice, dispatching a technician, shipping spare parts… You won’t be alone with your simulator.