B73X Product range

B73X Pro Plus

Upgrade your simulation experience

Get our top-of-line B73X product, including all of the functionalities of the B73X Pro Lite, with some incredible upgrades.

B73X Pro Lite Base

Get all the incredible features of our B73X Pro Lite, to which we add several elements of realism, training, and precision.

Rear Instructor Station

Get access to the Instructor Station on our articulated arm, for rear position management. Let your customers train in real-life conditions, and give the instructor the chance to conveniently plan & execute the training scenarios.

Worldwide shipping & installation included.

Wherever you are in the world, we have your back. All shipping & Installation costs are included in our Pro Plus package. From our factory in Germany to your door.

HQ 220° Wrap Around Screen

Our High-Quality seamless screen, brings you a 220° field of view, with a perfectly circular view for the most realistic and stunning visual experience.

Electrical Seats

Adjust the height of the seats electrically, so your point of view is located exactly where it should, for a precise and comfortable flying experience.

1 Year of updates included

Get regular updates to the navigation data and systems software during the first year, free of charge.

Pro Rudders

Get our Pro Rudders, which bring a more realistic design, resistance feeling, with an adjustable depth to suit your flying position.

10h Onsite training & extended service

We double the onsite training time we provide to your team, covering all aspects from technical questions to aircraft-specific rules. Get access to additional resources to keep the simulator up to date throughout the years.

The best investment for your business

With a cost-controlled high-end simulator, you have everything you need to run your operations: as a training center, simulation center, or as a demanding enthusiast.

Join over 150 cockpit owners & operators.

Join the growing list of customers that trust our simulation solutions since 2000.

Maintenance contracts that fit your needs

Our Teams will assist you in keeping the simulator up to date and improving the simulation experience. Get assistance anywhere in the world, to keep your simulators running in a smooth and efficient way.

Upgrade possibilities

Are you interested in getting your simulator certified? QTGs, Documentation, EASA or FAA certifications: let our teams assist you and plan everything for you.

High reliability

Our simulators run with a 99% relibability. Keep your customers and pilots busy all day long with our simulators, built to last.

Looking for more info?

Reach out to us, using the contact form at the end of the page. Get your personalized quote, information about our simulators and see how it could fit into your business.

Get ready for the ultimate flying experience

From precise procedures to stunning visual rendering, you are about to discover what it is to fly and feel exactly like in the real plane.