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A32X Pro Lite

Enter the flight deck

Discover what’s included in our A32X Pro Lite offering. From core elements to training, installation & shipping.

Since 2000, we have developed, improved, and perfected our A32X range of simulators. Our simulators are all made in Germany, with high-grade aluminum parts, laser cuts, high-reliability electronic components, and a professional finish. When you sit in our simulators, you feel just like in the real aircraft.
Built to last, we constantly innovate to bring more realism, ensure a 99% availability rate, and push new improvements through software updates and feedback from actual airline pilots.

Full-sized shell

Our simulators come in a 1:1 scale shell, built out of aluminum and high-quality resins for a perfect look and feel. Cockpit windows, cupholders, window handles, J-rail captain, and first officer seats…

Tested and validated

Our simulators are tested and validated by our technical and pilot crews before shipping to your location, for a smooth installation and optimal experience.

Real-life procedures

Procedures in the simulator stick to the real-life daily routine of airline pilots. Start the APU, engines, setup your flight plan, and all other systems using real-life checklists and procedures.


Price-to-Performance Ratio

Because your simulator is a tool for performance, we have developed unique technologies to make sure you get the best ROI on your investment.

Complete Forward and Aft Overhead with breakers.

Use our simulator for any situation you would like with the completely functional and interfaced overhead that we provide. Korry replica switches, IRS panel, fire panel, Electrical, Hydraulics, Fuel, and emergency systems are all realistically programmed.

Highly detailed MIP, real feel sidesticks and tillers, and interconnected rudders

Location for all PFD, ND, ECAM, and standby instruments are standard, with a functional gear panel, clock, autobrake & landing lights panel. PFD and ND brightness buttons are also functional, as well as the EGPWS warning button, alongside the TERR on ND.

Realistic sidesticks with independent tillers on captain and first officer side. Storage for your flight documents is also available in the lateral boxes.

Interconnected rudders are also included, allowing for realistic controls on the ground and in the air, with independent brake pedals.

Professionally equipped center pedestal

Two high-end autonomous MCDU units are included, using RJ45 connections to make for an easy installation and configuration. No need for an additional computer, screen, or graphics card to make them work together seamlessly.

Radio & ACP modules are connected as well, alongside a functioning weather radar (requires software). The ECAM panel allows realistic management of ECAM menus, status pages, and take-off configuration checks. Just above it a switching panel gives access to backup aircraft systems in the event of a failure.

Spoilers with an armed position as well as a flap module complete the lower part of the pedestal, where a rudder trim option can also be added for your needs.

Finally, the throttle and motorized trim give you control over the aircraft’s engine using the actual modes of the real aircraft.

The complete pedestal is enclosed in a highly resistant and detailed aluminum casing with easy connections to the rest of the simulator.

Aluminum J-rail seats for Captain and First Officer, with adjustable armrests.

Reach your perfect flying position with our fully adjustable pilot seats. Front and back adjustments as well as adjustable armrests will let you reach the sidestick, tiller, and pedestal comfortably and precisely. Stow the inner armrests for easy entry and exit of the simulator.

Powerful and custom-made calculators, with HD projection system.

Our simulator comes fully configured with two high-power calculators to run all visual and aircraft systems. A tablet for the instructor station. We also include an HD projection system, that provides a full 180° immersive view. Our expert team will warp and calibrate the visual screen for you, to make an incredible flight experience.

Commercial FMGS software with Instructor Station

Control your simulator from our integrated instructor station, on a tablet for convenient usage.

Configure your flight

Over 24,000 destinations, any time of the day or weather conditions can be set. Start from the gate, the runway, or practice your approaches in a few clicks.

Failures, procedure training, and flight control

Setup random or scheduled failures, practice your skills, checklists & procedural knowledge. Learn how to tackle all situations in the simulator.

Turnkey Solution

Our offers include everything you need to start using the simulator as soon as it is installed.


Shipping & Installation worldwide by our expert team

5 hours of onsite training included for you & your team


Commercial licences & professional simulation software

High performance calculators with touchscreen instructor station

180° projection screen (screen not included)

Affordable and adaptable maintenance contracts

Remote access to the simulator for easy upgrades


Optional 220° HQ projection screen

Do you want even more realism and features?

Discover our A32X Pro Plus