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a320 | Cockpitsonic



EASA FNPT Level I/II flight simulator.

General Information A320

The offered Cockpitsonic FNPT EASA Level I/II Training Device is a full replica of the actual
A320 Flight Deck environments and functionalities. All Flight Deck controls, panels, knobs, switches and other components found in the actual aircraft Flight Deck are replicated in size, look, feel and functionality in the Training Devices.
In addition to aircraft hardware, the aircraft systems and avionics are simulated in great detail to ensure the ability to represent and train all phases of flight under normal, abnormal, and emergency conditions. Behind the Training Device’ Flight Deck is an Instructor Operator Station with sufficient room for the instructor and an observer.
Outside and in front of the device is a curved projection screen that the synthetic world is  projected on by three high definition projectors that are mounted above the device. The result is a highly accurate Flight Deck and large scale visual system that provides immersive training environment that puts pilots in an incredibly realistic simulated environment where they can learn jet flying skills that are nearly impossible to train using aircrafts.
The Training Device will be fixed-mounted.


The key features of the FNPT can be summarized as following:

Full flight deck replica at FFS Level D quality

Fully enclosed design

Air Conditioning for cabin and flight deck

Full automated QTG with manual functionality

Ensuring educational syllabus for ATOs, suitable for EASA authorization

Worldwide navigation database including all update cycles

Dynamic control loading at FFS Level D quality on all flight controls

Highly accurate aerodynamic flight model based on a full aircraft data package

High definition collimated mirror 220 x 40 field-of-view visual system with Level D image generator

Flight management system (simulated FMS) and full autopilot, flight director and autothrottle

Full representation of all aircraft systems (hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics etc)

Intuitive and ergonomic Cockpitsonic IOS Instructor Facilities including Tablet-solution for improved flexibility

Detailed Specs

The A320 Flight Deck contains the following:
  • Replica A320 panels, highly accurate in size and text placement with accurate switches and knobs
  • Replica A320 interior trim pieces, highly accurate in size and shape to give the cockpit a realistic look
  • Replica A320 dual-linked self-centering rudder pedals with toe brakes
  • Replica A320 Side Sticks
  • Replica A320 thrust levers motorized complete with reverse levers, trim wheels, speed brake and TOGA switches
  • Replica A320 Flap levers complete with gates
  • Replica A320 tiller (CPT and FO), parking brake and alternate gear extension handle
  • Replica electrical A320 Captain and Copilot seats capable of forward and backward adjustment
  • Intercom system for communications between pilots and instructor
  • Headset with intercom
  • The main Simulation Features for the A320 FNPT are:
     Realistic A320 dual Multi-Function Displays with multiple display formats, capable of displaying Flight plan route, navigation aids, range to altitude and airports
     Realistic A320 dual Primary Flight Displays with pilot controlled v-speeds, MDA/ DH, and barometric pressure
     Realistic A320 ECAM system to include primary and status pages with appropriate information displayed to include messages, engine gauges, Flap & gear indications, engine vibration gauges, etc., as well as detailed system synoptic pages to include AC/DC electrical, environmental, hydraulic, anti-ice, doors, and flight controls
     Realistic A320 Dual Radio Tuning Units capable of tuning navigation and communication frequencies, ADF frequencies, and setting transponder codes. Realistic FMS/MCDU with world wide database that allows pilots to create Flight plans incorporating DPs, STARS, IAPs, and jet airways, manipulate Flight plans by creating new waypoints, deleting waypoints, extending intercept lines from waypoints, creating place bearing distance waypoints, creating waypoints +/- nm from existing waypoints, input performance data such as temperatures for normal and flex takeoffs and input weights for cargo, fuel, and passengers.
    Tune navigation, communication, ADF frequencies, set transponder codes and configure MFD display data
     Realistic A320 Auto Flight Control System with lateral modes to track headings or navigation signals and vertical modes to track GS signals, climb/descend in IAS or VS modes to capture preselected altitudes incorporating a Flight director for both pilot and copilot.
     Realistic Systems program to allow pilots to control APU and engine starts/shutdowns and control electrical, hydraulic, environmental, anti-ice and fuel systems with proper response to pilot inputs and tests
     Realistic Audio Integration System with warning and caution chimes, aural warnings, Fire bells, over-speed cues, and tests.

    The Cockpitsonic A320 FNPT is equipped with a collimated display that offers a 220 X 40 degree field of view. The specifications of the collimated display go beyond the requirements for the highest level of FAA full flight simulator certifications: FAA FFS Level D.
    The visual system (hardware) provided by Cockpitsonic consists of
     220 degree horizontal and 40 degree vertical, collimated projection system
     Three overhead projectors to create the high definition (HD) visual environment that simulates frontal and side window visual effects
     5760 x 1080 pixels (6.2 million pixels)
     Eye Point Adjustment through IOS station
     Warping and Edge Blending
     Structure for projector support

    The Synthetic World Representation for the Training Devices will be done with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D simulation/visual engine.
    This features:
     Detailed and accurate representations of a global database including detailed runways, taxiways, terminal buildings, gates, and ground equipment. Dynamic 3-D Immersion realism that includes buildings, landmarks, navigational aids, and accurate geographical landscapes
     AutoGen technology that provides geo-typical object and texture coverage over the whole surface of the earth
     Landscapes with moving vehicles, birds and animals
     Allows to create dynamic training scenarios
     Dynamic weather with complete control over winds, barometric pressure, cloud layers, precipitation from light rain or snow to heavy rain or snow and thunderstorms

    All moving flight controls on the A320 FNPT simulator are equipped with high precision control loading / force feedback. The control loading on the flight controls has been mapped to a very high degree of accuracy, equal to or above the requirements of FAA Level D FFS Simulator certification.
    The high level of synchronization between control loading on the A320 FNPT and the visual display provides a pilot in training the highest possible level of realism and provide a A320 training platform at highest levels.

    The Instructor Operator Station by Cockpitsonic provides the following components and functionalities:
     Instructor Station Control Panel with with intuitive GUI
     Instructor station enclosure with Instructor desk, two 20” Flat panel touch monitors, intuitive and ergonomic layout and functionality (optional)
     Software capable of
    o Easily repositioning the aircraft to a variety of ground and Flight positions instantly
    o Adjusting the time to include dawn, day, dusk, night
    o Adjusting the weather such as: winds, cloud cover, visibility, rain and snow
     Loading saved scenarios to include: aircraft position, aircraft configuration and weather parameters
     Simulating a variety of failures to include, but not limited to: engine failures, APU failures, Cargo failures, hot/hung starts and gear malfunctions, electrical failures as well as minor system faults
     Displaying a moving map that shows aircraft position, surrounding airports, and navigational aids
    The Cockpitsonic Training Device offered will provide an industrial server computer cabinet, locking rear door, and metal sides. The cabinet will include
     One Visual System Computer
    o Windows 10 Professional (64 Bit)
    o Intel Core I7 Quad-Core processor or higher, 3 GHz
    o 64 GB Computer Memory
    o 8 GB Graphics Processors
    o 30 GB SSD Hard Drive
    o Multiple Graphics-Cards
     Two Simulation System Computers with
    o Windows 10 Professional (64 Bit)
    o Intel Core I7 processor
    o 8 GB memory
    o SSD Hard drive

    The Flight Simulation Software package provided with the Cockpitsonic A320 FNPT EASA Level II / FAA Level 6 is a most-modern and proven solution that was developed and qualified by industry experts, pilots and SME’s within the Cockpitsonic partner network.
    The Flight model operates on the basis of an official aircraft data package and industry wide accepted data, models and equations.
    It comes with a ready-to-use QTG, and supports automated QTG runs on the FNPT.

    Cockpitsonic will provide a Qualification Test Guide with the FNPT. The QTG is used to create the highly accurate flight models with speed, climb, roll, and turn rates. The Qualification Test Guide is based on NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) wind tunnel data to calculate lift and drag parameters for the airfoils.
    In addition, it provides the necessary data and formulas to calculate relevant flight dynamics rates. The underlying principle of the Qualification Test Guide is to calculate parameters based on the physical characteristics of the real aircraft and rely on the equations of motion built into the flight simulator to model the performance of the simulated aircraft.
    For qualification and certification, Cockpitsonic will utilize the Airbus G05 “Aircraft Data and Material for the design, production and qualification of Flight and Training Devices” license. The license can be acquired by the end-user (preferred) or by Cockpitsonic.

    Cockpitsonic will deliver, install and integrate the A320 FNPT II Training Device at facilities named by the customer.
    Early in the project already, Cockpitsonic will consult with the customer on the necessary Infrastructure Requirements. Those are documented in the Cockpitsonic Infrastructure Specification. It remains in customer’s responsibility to insure that the agreed-upon infrastructure requirements are fulfilled.
    The installation and final integration of the two devices will be done by experienced Cockpitsonic staff. Customer shall support with appropriate technical support staff on site, if required.
    Once the integration is finished, Cockpitsonic will perform extensive subsystem and system functional and operational testing’s. The test results will be documented and handed-over to the customer.

    Intercom System

    The Cockpitsonic Intercom System provides three place intercom capacities with volume and squelch control, Line in capability and Line out capability.

    Digital Sound Environment

    Cockpitsonic provides a Digital Sound Environment with the following key features:

    Stereo Sound Package includes realistic HD engine and environmental sound effects:

    Surround speakers and rack-mounted mixers and amplifiers

    ATC Program and Live ATC Chatter


    Cockpit alerts and warnings including radio altimeter call-outs, configuration warnings TCAS alerts and EGPWS warnings



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