Full dome

Cockpitsonic releases its full dome for helicopter and similar applications.

We can build it in all sizes.



A32X Simulator Dubai

We installed a state  of the Art A32X Simulator at Dubai.


B 737 simulator opens in Rostock.

B 737 simulator opens  in Rostock.

Simulator Rostock

Simulator Rostock


Kambill Systems India Cooperation


Kambill Systems, India signs exclusive agreement with CockpitSonic, Germany.
Kambill Systems Pvt. Ltd. has signed a partnership agreement with CockpitSonic-Solutions. Under the agreement both Company can merge up their Operation, Maintenance & Development for Asian & Other Market to give best of the support to our customer and future upgradation.
About Kambill Systems Pvt. Ltd.
One of the leading providers and developer of aviation flight simulators in India. One stop solution for all your Aviation and Automotive related query and procurement. Our Product range includes Simulators (FTD, CBT and FBS), UAV’s and GIS mapping solutions, Automotive simulators, Simulation Software’s solution (COTS solution), Aircrafts Spares procurements,


Download PDF Kambill-Cockpitsonic-Press-Release-01-July-2016


Gyrocopter Dome

cpsnewsCockpitsonic and Magni Gyro build Gyrocopter simulator. For this purpose a special dome and simulator lift have been created. 6 FULL HD projectors provide a stunning view. The complete cockpit instrumentation has been replicated and can also be equipped with customer options. Keep in touch for more information


eurocontrol-300x117New A320 model installed at Eurocontrol facilities. The simulator is being used for testing new approaches and requires to be 100 % conform to the original aircraft – therefor the simulator is being operated with the original data package software which has been adapted to the CS interface. We are very happy to be able to provide our expertise in this outstanding project.

Sky Simulator France

skysimulator-300x72Cockpitsonic is proud to be awarded the supplier for the next generation of A320 for AVIASIM in France.
All exisiting and upcoming centers will be equipped with COCKPITSONIC A320 series simulators modified to the special needs of AVIASIM.

ProLine A32X fire panel


Cockpitsonic releases its ProLine A32X fire panel.
The switches work and feel exactly as in its real world counterpart.
Modern networking technology as well as the OSIMCO OSC (Open Simulator Concept) are used for interfacing.
The fire handles are also availlable separately.

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A320 Simulator with 180 degree visual

1Cockpitsonic has shipped and installed a state-of-the-art simulator in Berlin.

In conjunction with its stunning 180 degree visual this fully functional simulator is used for training purposes as well as flight experiences. Take a seat on the left side at and enjoy Berlin from the skies.

Cockpitsonic delivers to Bavaria

03/11/2009 was the big day – Cockpitsonic installed a complete B737 flightsimulator at Bavaria film studios in Munich. This simulator allows filmteams to film inside an aircraft.

bavaria2_grossbavaria1_gross bavaria3_gross

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