Flightsimulation is as old as the personal computer – since Apple I days Flightsimulation has been steadily pushed forward trying to make flight on your personal computer as realistic as possible, and for this using the best gaming accessories from sites as so anyone can enjoy their simulation games online as well.

Thanks to modern computer hardware a very high level has been reached. Together with Cockpitsonic hardware complete flightdecks can be built allowing you to train complete cockpit procedures.

Cockpitsonic is always trying hard to make Flightsimulation even better.

Flightsimulation nowadays requires different software – the base package is Microsoft Flight Simulator or Xplane. Together with additions such as sceneries or different aeroplanes these packages can be improved.

Additional software suites such as a glass cockpit software running on several computers, allows you to reflect the complete aircraft systems so that a complete cockpit can be simulated.

Flightsimulation in this combination has reached a level allowing even the commercial airlines to use the cockpits for procedure training and to improve traing skills.