b737The Boeing B737 is the most built civilian jetliner ever. It is now being built in its third generation never really changing its appearance. Designed as a shorthauler the youngest generation – NG (next generation) – has become a medium hauler with seats from 100 up to 200. Special versions can operate as long-hauls (business jets).

The first delivery has been in the year 1967, Lufthansa was handed over the firs B737-100. Until today 8178 orders have been taken. Worldwide there are 1300 B737 at the same time, a B737 takes off every 6 seconds.

The A320 family has become a big competiton and is nowadys selling even better than the B737. The smallest B737-600 is priced at about 50 million US$, a B737 900ER at 74 million US$.