220 degree wrap around FULL HD display

Cockpitsonic announces its all new 220 degree wrap around display. Experience the market leading absolute seamless, true view video wall in FULL HD projection.

A320 Simulator with 180 degree visual

1Cockpitsonic has shipped and installed a state-of-the-art simulator in Berlin.

In conjunction with its stunning 180 degree visual this fully functional simulator is used for training purposes as well as flight experiences. Take a seat on the left side at and enjoy Berlin from the skies.

Cockpitsonic delivers to Bavaria

03/11/2009 was the big day – Cockpitsonic installed a complete B737 flightsimulator at Bavaria film studios in Munich. This simulator allows filmteams to film inside an aircraft.

bavaria2_grossbavaria1_gross bavaria3_gross

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New B737 FMS

Cockpitsonic releases B737 FMS / A320 MCDU. Cockpitsonic has done it again – the FMS feels and looks exactly as the real thing. It is finished completely in aluminium and comes with a colour screen allowing the smalles viewing angles.

It is compatible to Project Magenta – togeher with our software development kit (option) it can be interfaced to any other kind of application and therefor be used in the aviation industry as well as with the enthusiast.